#14 ~ 5 Birthday Cakes

At Midnight 20 male rowers sang happy birthday in haphazard harmonies probably born out of discordant melodies rather than much musical training. At 1 minute past we decided to have a sing-along. By quarter past I made it to my room. I woke up ay 6.45 to the generically painted walls of a youth hostel. I said a prayer to my twins heart and rolled out the top bunk. At 8 am the fourth candle-lit cake made its way to my place at the breakfast table. 3 others had made their debut the night before, and one early that morning. Obviously the big man in the sky knew how painful it would be and provided me with a surrogate twin, her other half had also been left at home and we comforted each other, sympathetic of the shared pain and new-found experience. Between us we had 5 birthday cakes. We ate three together…i took 2 home alone. Although today proved a new and exciting debut into the adult world of independence, it also made way for a life without enforced sharing. As hard as i might try, there just isn’t a plausible way of sharing two birthday cakes via Skype. Some things are better eaten alone.

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