#12 ~ Illuminated with Joy

It’s when you are at breaking point. Hands wrapped in red hockey tape and blister plasters. You can’t straighten your fingers because the preventative use of surgical spirit has hardened your skin into calluses. You now have a claw hand. Yet, there is a soft glow that slowly spreads. It starts deep, deep down, and quietly, slowly but surely creeps its way up your neck, it tickles your jaw and twists your lips before a little laugh escapes. Your eyes light up and suddenly you are overwhelmed with a deep, firm sense of love. Joy. It makes you shine your brace-straightened teeth proudly and crinkles the corners of your eyes. A deep, deep joy that comes even after fatigue, frustration, worry. This is a characteristic of love. The ability to find joy in the people you think you’ve left behind. To hear their voices clearly in your mind and realise, regardless of where you are, what they are doing, joy connects you. A deep, deep joy that is love. And it makes you smile.

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