#1 ~ An Introduction

Towards the end of 2011, my older brother challenged me to write. As an English student I blanched at the idea: I write all the time; essays, reviews, poems, short stories, I have words thrown at me constantly, why would I want to do any more? But the challenge still stood. He questioned whether I could look at my everyday, sometimes mundane life, and find inspiration, find something to say. It could be one word to a 7000 word essay, but just say something based on the ordinary.

So came the idea of this blog – The Death of the Writer 365.

I wanted to see, not if I could write something, but rather if I could express myself, put into writing how I see the world, and probably if I liked what I saw. I suppose it’s one thing to write about other people’s work, it’s another to create your own – and let other people see it, and maybe through it see you. Throughout 2012 my aim is to write something every single day, and as a street performer in Leicester square once said about dubstep – amongst the pile of shit, if you search hard enough you might just find a tiny speck of gold.

Welcome to this blog.


5 thoughts on “#1 ~ An Introduction

  1. Michael says:

    Good luck with the blog, I will check it everyday!

  2. Boye says:

    I am glad you are doing this. I look forward to reading you every day. I hope you get to know yourself better. I hope to get to know you better. I expect if you do this every day it will take you places you never anticipated nor could have anticipated.

    I look forward to knowing more about you reading your thoughts, I expect I will learn, I hope I will be entertained, perhaps even amused. I hope I will be shocked, not for the sake of it but because in the unexpected resides the shocking.

    I hope you will not play it safe. I hope you will go where the thought takes you regardless. In doing this you will be taking huge risks. To your psyche, your image (self or public), to your relationships. When you take this risks, as you should, be cognizant and ready. I think if you do this, this project and this year will define the path you will follow for a great deal of the wonderful life you have ahead.

    Though you have only just started, I am very, very proud of you. I mean it when I say I love the person you are and wait giddily for the person you will become.

  3. Boye says:

    I should do a better job of editing before I post.Line 9 should read “When you take these risks” .

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